To start with, the chapel is very humble and teachable enough to the first and fundamental revelations of wedding.

Nowadays, many Christians, Pastors, and places of worship carry on saying, “goodness wont wreck united states because God-loved all of us, and goodness is prefer, so we cherished God.” However, the Bible is filled with Scriptures stating that God ruined and go on damaging anyone and Nations, like His own Chosen men! The difficult the fact is: main-stream Christians, Jews, some other roentgen eligious P eople, and Churches don’t have any genuine Love of God; they actually ” LEFT PERSONAL VERY FIRST PREFER” of CHRIST, who’s their supernal Husband (Jeremiah 3:14, Isaiah 5 4:5-6, Revelations 2:4).

But, they keep saying and preaching, LIKE, FANCY! W hat a deceived and hypocritical men and women are several of the Christians, Jews, as well as their Pastors/Rabbis, along with their Churches/Synagogues! They do not see Jesus’s prefer and they’ve got their particular fallen and corrupted fascination with God !

exactly why DID GOD DESTROYED THE AROUND THE WORLD CHURCH OF GOD (WCG)? The Reason Why Did God Granted His/her Temple.

Why performed the Worldwide chapel of goodness (WCG) as well as its peoples Founder Herbert W. Armstrong (HWA) concluded in a tragic a nd shameful means? Would it be not that the WCG try a real Church of goodness? Exactly why performed Jesus let this to happen?

The answers to these issues are exactly the same answers to the subsequent close questions. The reason why did Israel and Judah concluded with captivity and destruction by her opponents? Will they be perhaps not Jesus’s C hosen N ations and P eople? Why performed God let actually their Temple in Jerusalem to-be damaged?


If perhaps Herbert W. Armstrong (HWA) along with his around the globe Church of God (WCG) Ministers decided to begin an all-out research and in-depth study of the subject matter of Marriage, they will being guided and directed by God’s heart of reality to locate the Messianic Kabbalah Wisdom (John 16:12-13) . Even so they would not! This means, HWA along with his WCG Ministers would not ” endured in goodness’s Counsel,” which will be Jesus’s Messianic Kabbalah Wisdom (Jeremiah 23:22) . This is why, HWA and also the WCG happened to be placed to shame and damaged! As well as those “Splinter Groups” or “girl church buildings” that arrived on the scene associated with the damaged earliest WCG may NOT waiting in God’s advice! These have every non-WCG church buildings around the globe!

Eg, the Truth that MATRIMONY try A GOD-PLANE CONNECTION had been disclosed by Jesus to HWA and is got by the chapel. This wonderful disclosure that relationship try a God-plane commitment should encourage every chapel representative and minister to give more weight, learn and contemplation to this heavenly subject. Nonetheless wouldn’t.

Wedding problems always rise in scope and magnitude! From head to toes, the chapel had been really stricken from the malady of this marriage difficulties! From HWA toward lay customers, the WCG was shaken immensely to the really basis! The chapel is just about to fall down in shambles!

HWA himself with his top HQ ministers were smashed by marriage problems and separation and divorce! HWA currently understood that Satan could enter and attack the chapel through wives in the ministers. Because HWA didn’t enjoy further inside big secret of Matrimony, he was unable to effortlessly kick away Satan from the inside in the chapel!

Satan was a major consider the wedding secret formula. When we never really get the primary message during the secret of relationships, Satan will be there to ruin united states through the marriages!

Considering HWA’s breakdown to receive Jesus’s full disclosure of relationship, he was now under the direct assault of Satan through their 2nd partner, Ramona. This wedding relationship with Ramona, ended in divorce case! The chapel needs already been severely alarmed through this! This should have guarantee her to self-examination, detailed Bible learn on marriage, prayer to Jesus, and fasting for this specific serious challenge. But she didn’t!

Invisibly, in one part on the chapel, Satan and his awesome demons were celebrating!

Without comprehension of Christ’s BIG PUZZLE OF RELATIONSHIPS, which is the launching pad to know Jesus’s Messianic Kabbalah knowledge, the church buildings can not be converted and elevated becoming the pure BRIDE OF CHRIST generated prepared for all the soon-coming relationship associated with mutton (Revelation 19:7-8).

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